oh reus is on sale!  i was too prone to agonizing over every little aspect of my shithole planet to get too into it, but i’d give it a solid rec!  pretty fun, nice to look at, cool lookin giants

oh we still have the manuals for star fox super mario world and the super nintendo itself too :o i wanna take some pictures but xkit app is crashing every time i try to log in so i’m gonna update and try again later lol

tv got + set up so i rooted out my old consoles

hopefully i’ll have more luck with star fox now than i did when i was a kid, lol

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one of my steam friends has changed their name to something like techies, coming right after hl3 and i dont understand theres like a fucking hundred thousand gazillion heroes in dota why are all the dota people so salty about not having their hundred thousand gazillion and one-th hero

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bird friend

bird friend

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i got store brand waffles last time I went to the store because all I could get from eggo was 24 WAFFLE FAMILY PACKS!!! but these are tasty I have no qualms about waffle quality

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i am fairly excited for destiny and happy that it’s coming to pc at all but goddamn, march 2015 :<

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classes start tomorrow and my sleep schedule’s fucked enough that i’m considering just pulling an all nighter

i doubt i’ll follow through but it’s a Thought


first the aesthetic generator….. now the fursona generator!! if u have ever wondered what your fursona would be or you want a change, now u can discover the fursona Of Your Dreams…. (warning for some body horror text!)

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the far cry 3 grenade launcher is not only a viable but a highly effective way to hunt sharks

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